Who We Are

Jeff Page,

Owner. Shaper. Surfer.

Inland Surfer is the first epoxy wakesurf company in the world, founded in 2001 by, Jeff Page. Inland Surfer's very first boards were designed and shaped in Jeff's garage on Lake Sammamish, Washington, where the Inland Surfer office remains to this day.

Inland Surfer prides itself on offering a full line of premium wakesurfers for people of all ages, skill levels and sizes. We have boards for small wakes and big wakes, boards for family fun or serious competitors. No matter what, we always source the highest quality materials and technology available to keep our boards at the forefront of the wakesurfing market.

As the largest independent manufacturer of wakesurfer boards in the world, we are incredibly grateful to our loyal customer base that has grown with us over the last 16 years. We work very hard to incorporate customer feedback directly into our designs. The 2018 line will feature more customer feedback related updates and changes than any other year in our history. So, here's to you, Inland Surfers!

When you live on a lake like Lake Sammamish, with such a rich history in the watersports industry, you do what you say you’re going to do. I said, I'm going to build wakesurf boards that are the highest performing and longest lasting wakesurfers. I wanted to shape a board for every person’s ability and surf style goal. We strive to offer the best warranty, service and support available to our customers in the industry.

Inland Surfer, Pioneering Wakesurfing since the beginning.

The vision of the Inland Surfer brand was created by founder, Jeff Page. A commitment to bringing the feeling and experience of surfing to the landlocked masses. What started as a unique, fun adventure has bloomed into the World's largest independent wakesurf manufacturer fueled by passion and perseverance. Over 16 years of research and development and ultimately delivering a complete line of wakesurf boards for every age, size, skill level, and goals, year after year.

Inland Surfer was the first wakesurf company in watersports history building the 1st Epoxy Wakesurf Board, followed by the Wakesurf Rope as the goal of safety when early wakesurfers were using wakeboard handles and lines. Inland Surfer also engineered the first Wakesurf Fins. While early wakesurfing companies emerged Skim-Style Ocean Fins and Inherent Surf-Style Ocean fins were prevalent. Inland Surfer early boards used O'Fishl Ocean fins and after R&D quickly learned an actual Wakesurf fin was needed to adjust for the types of boards, wave size, shape, and power. In 2016 Inland Surfer delivered the first Wakesurf Vest, designed for competition by wakesurfers for wakesurfers. The original Wakesurf items are all complemented by a complete line of accessories including Fins, Boards, Traction, Wax, Bags, Socks and apparel.

Take a glimpse at the production wakesurf boards delivered over the years and blast from the past from the 1st Wakesurf Company.

About Inland Surfer: The World's Largest Wakesurf Board Manufacturer is a Lake Lifestyle brand founded in Bellevue Washington with worldwide operations including a global distribution network and premier Dealer Network. Inland Surfer designs exclusively in the United States of America with manufacturing in the United States, China, and Thailand

Jeff Page

Founder. Pioneer. Shaper. Legend

Jeff Page's vision for wakesurfing was early, to say the least. While the World of Watersports was focused on Waterskiing and Wakeboarding Jeff was consumed with Surfing.

With the expense, distance and inconvenience of coastal surfing it was unrealistic for Washington native to surf regularly. This challenged force Jeff to solve the problem personally while changing watersports forever. Most every watersports enthusiast had tried surfing Ocean shortboards behind the boats, Jeff too admittedly surfed behind early outboard boats on his surfboard. The difference was Jeff believed then he could design and shape boards that were designed for the smaller waves of Direct Drive ski boats for all. It was 1999 when the first Blue Lake & Green Room models the World loves today was reaching its maturity in testing and preparing for production in 2000. In 2001, the original year of incorporation for Inland Surfer, Jeff had the first completed samples and never looked back. The explosion of wakeboarding brought larger, deeper, ballast-optioned V-Drive inboards to market which over time we would see inboard boat manufacturers drive innovation and progression from Jeff, which he would respond with boards and technology that would push right back to the boating industry further fueling progression and wakesurf innovation. 

Jeff has developed every single Inland Surfer board for the last 17 years. Surrounding himself with a committed team of wakesurfers and is now the Vice-President of Manufacturing and spends his Spring, Summer & Fall on Lake Sammamish and winters in Sun Valley Idaho.