Inland Surfer’s Little Buddy Surf Fins 




Inland Surfer’s Little Buddy Surf Fins 

Inland Surfer’s Little Buddy fins pair well with the Monsters to make our Twinzer system, sold with the G-Ride, G-Force and Air series boards. These fins make a great addition to any quad set up because of their 5° toe-in and 5° cant made for cutting into the wake for bigger airs and faster cuts.

Sold in Pairs and Compatible with all surf-style boards

Height: 2.1”

Base: 2.5”

Foil: Single

Toe: 5°

Cant: 5°

Size: Small

Note: Tighten your screws before you ride, and make sure you use the correct length screws.

Includes: 2 – 3.0cm Screws, 2 – 2.5cm Screws

Additional information

Weight .45 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in

Black, Green, Pink, Red